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How Roasted Pepper came to be...

My name is Rosalia but as long as I can remember mi Madre called me Talocha (as in Cha  Cha Cha) and everything I know about cooking I learned from her. Every single dish I prepare has her finger print on it. From the moment I begin planning a recipe, it's as if she's right there wi me.  One morning as I began to  work on a jam recipe, I felt her near me, guiding me. It was at that moment, I remembered  what she had explained to me years before, "You must roast your peppers in order to bring out their distinctive aroma, piquancy and flavor". 

That's the day Roasted Pepper came to be.

My mission

My mission is to always follow my oldest brother's advise the day he fired me from my first job  (I was 16) "In order to be successful in life he told me; you must have passion for what you do. Otherwise, you'll never be any good at it. You'll taste my passion in every drop of my jams because they are my passion.

Seasonal Items

Apple Butter delicious  slow cooked all natural apple butter. Great on toast, amazing on a warm biscuit.          $8.00 8 oz.    

Cranberry Apple Orange Jam.  this one is my families favorite. it's tart and sweet  and oh so good.                    $8.00 8 oz.    

 Christmas Jam so simple yet so delicious. The simplicity of the fresh strawberries, fresh cranberries and fresh squeezed orange juice is the perfect balance. "It truly taste like Christmas morning" exclaimed the gentleman who took the last three jars.  $8.00 8 oz

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Rosy Dias, Garland, Texas


" Delicious jams and jellies, I recommend them 100%. You have to try them". Amazing on Fish Tacos

Fernado N Paul Nardin, Rowlett, Texas


"I've always been the fan of spicy Jam and I'm just glad I found Talocha. It's very authentic you definitely have my loyalty on your jams and jellies"

Kenneth Musgrave, Sachse, Texas


"I picked up a jar of the Mango Chipotle Jam at the Sachse fall festival, it was so delicious, very flavorful"

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